Free Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Free Introduction to

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

With Brenda Monjaras

October 20, 2018-Saturday

from 6pm-8pm/18:00-20:00

“Right now, in whatever condition or situation you are, you have all the resources you need to grow, heal, and work on your stress, pain, illness, and the challenges you face in life. everyday. A growing volume of scientific evidence confirms the reality of a deep connection between the mind and the body and now recognizes that knowledge and practice mindfulness can have a positive influence on your perception of health and physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, at the same time offering you a means to discover a deeper sense of well-being and mental peace. “(Jon Kabat Zinn)

A Program for Learning, Growing, and Healing

To “learn” to take care of yourself, to develop a greater state of serenity and peace of mind, to be protagonists in choosing personal health and well-being

The “Mindfulness Based” interventions that the Center proposes are clinical and psycho-social interventions, validated by the research literature, which integrate awareness practices with scientific and psychoeducational aspects. The Mindfulness protocol Based Stress Reduction, an integral part of behavioral medicine or mind / body medicine, was developed by Prof. Jon Kabat Zinn in the late ’70s at the University of Worcester (Boston) Massachusetts and has since spread worldwide. Mindfulness is a basic human trait, a way of learning to pay wisely attention to whatever is happening in our lives that allows us to feel a greater connection with our inner and outer life. Mindfulness is also a practice, a systematic method that aims to cultivate clarity, intuition, and understanding. In the context of one’s health, mindfulness becomes a means to learn with experience to take care of oneself, exploring and understanding the interaction between mind and body and mobilizing the inner resources to cope with events, grow, and heal. Nearly three decades of scientific research in the United States, Europe and, in the last decade, even here in Italy, indicate that participating in a mindfulness path can have a positive and often profound influence on the participants’ ability to reduce physical symptoms and psychological distress also learning to live life more fully.

Who can benefit from it?

The Stress Reduction Program is suitable in conditions of:

Stress-work, school, family, illness, old age, separations, mourning.

Diseases – chronic pain, fibromyalgia, cancer, heart problems, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, skin diseases and many psychosomatic problems.

Psychological disorders – anxiety, panic, depression, obsessive thoughts, asthenia and sleep disorders.

Prevention and Wellness – as a maintenance of a psychophysical balance, and as prevention by learning to “take care of oneself”.

What to expect:

The program takes place in weekly or fortnightly meetings during which you will learn:

specific practical skills to deal with difficult and / or stressful situations;

practices to become more aware of the mind / body interaction;

ways to maintain an inner balance through focusing and managing emotions and disturbing thoughts.


guided instructions in mindfulness meditation practices;

gentle stretching and mindful yoga;

group dialogue and mindful communication exercises to improve awareness in everyday life;

personalized instructions;

Commitment of practice and daily awareness exercises; audio files for practice mindfulness guided and exercise notes.The program is stimulating and engaging. Integrated experience and qualified instructors will guide the learning of these methods, and integrate mindfulness into everyday life. Participating in the Stress Reduction Program requires a commitment to one’s daily life (one hour a day).

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